kdevelop and cvs

Heiko Leberer Heiko_Leberer at bbn.hp.com
Thu Mar 9 11:01:59 UTC 2000

Hello Werner,

I'm using kdevelop 1.1, which I'm fairly new too, but with a little
luck, the answers will be valid for 1.0 too.

Werner Modenbach wrote:
> I'm running kdevelop 1.0
> Unfortunately I cannot find out how cvs is integrated into kdevelop.
> Let's take an easy example:
> -> I create a new project with cvs-support.
> -> I assign my cvs-root in the project dialog.
> -> After working on the project for a while, (creating new classes, subdirectories, libs etc.) I would like to save it in
> the repository.
> How do I do that? If I go to RVF-View and click on the right mouse button I have the choice to
> either "add to archive (Zum Archiv hinzufügen)"
> or "upload changes (Änderungen einspielen)"
> But this does not actually save everything in the repository. How do I do a commit?

You'll have to use an "add to archive" on the source files first. This
"qualifies" the files for CVS usage, but doesn't result in a commit. A
following "upload changes" spawns a commit.

> How do I add the new subdirectories to the repository?

"$cvs add <dirname>" 

> How do I find out, which files are modified?

Since I do a command line commit, this is determined automatically.

> Can I upload all changes in one step?

I use the commandline "$cvs commit" to upload a bunch of files at once.

> How does another person on a different computer join my new project?

I'm not familiar with kdevelop & concurrent developement, but with
concurrent developement outside kdevelop. So my answers might be wrong.

An additional developer solely needs to spawn a "cvs get <projectname>"
in a path he wants the files to be placed. Then he can start to work on
the files.

> Which files are to be saved in the repository and which should not?

As an general approach:

All docs and all files which are not generated but needed during a build
should be placed in the repository. Generated files -- like config.h,
several Makefiles, api-docs -- shouldn't be placed in the repository.

A "cvs get ..." should provide a valid build environment.

> Is there any howto or tutorial on that?

Unfortunately, I don't know, maybe someone else knows a little more
> This are a lot of question and I don't know where to search for an answer.
> So, any hints and help appreciated :-))
> - Werner -

You're welcome,


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