kdevelop and cvs

Werner Modenbach modenbach at alc.de
Thu Mar 9 09:14:56 UTC 2000

I'm running kdevelop 1.0
Unfortunately I cannot find out how cvs is integrated into kdevelop.

Let's take an easy example:
-> I create a new project with cvs-support.
-> I assign my cvs-root in the project dialog.
-> After working on the project for a while, (creating new classes, subdirectories, libs etc.) I would like to save it in
the repository.
How do I do that? If I go to RVF-View and click on the right mouse button I have the choice to 
either "add to archive (Zum Archiv hinzufügen)"
or "upload changes (Änderungen einspielen)"
But this does not actually save everything in the repository. How do I do a commit?
How do I add the new subdirectories to the repository?
How do I find out, which files are modified?
Can I upload all changes in one step?
How does another person on a different computer join my new project?
Which files are to be saved in the repository and which should not?

Is there any howto or tutorial on that?

This are a lot of question and I don't know where to search for an answer.
So, any hints and help appreciated :-))

- Werner -

Werner Modenbach		 modenbach at alc.de
ALC Computertechnik GmbH	 http://www.alc.de

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