Heiko Leberer Heiko_Leberer at bbn.hp.com
Wed Mar 8 09:18:33 UTC 2000

Generation of API-Documentation leads to false Documents

// attribute.h

class Attribute {
    enum AttribType { A_Int, A_Float, A_String };

    /** provide possible values in a union */
    typedef union AttribVal {
    	  int    iVal;
       	  char  *sVal;
          double fVal;
    AttribType m_aType;         // type of attrib
    AttribVal  m_val;

results in the following documentation:

#include <attribute.h>

Public members

 o enum AttribType  { A_Int, A_Float, A_String };

Private Members

 o char *sVal
 o double fVal

Detailed Descritpion


It seems, that parsing of the header doesn't expect any typedefs or
unions. The parser gets out of sync and omits all members occuring after
the union.

Is there a solution without placing typedefs outside of the classdef?

Best regards,

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