kfiledialog bug?

Hummel, Timo timo.hummel at sap.com
Wed Mar 8 08:50:40 UTC 2000

>From the documentation to KFileDialog:

Set the filter to be used to filter. 

You can set more filters for the user to select seperated by '\n'. Every
filter entry is defined through namefilter|text to diplay. If no | is found
in the expression, just the namefilter is shown. Examples: 

 kfile->setFilter("*.cpp|C++ Source Files\n*.h|Header files");
 kfile->setFilter("*.cpp|Sources (*.cpp)");

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Subject: kfiledialog bug?

How can i use two or more filters in getOpenFileName-function generated by
KDevelop 1.1? The separation by space, as in the documentation said, doesn't
seem to work, e.g. i18n("*|All files *.cpp|CPP files").

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