kde-2: #if 0 in kfiledialog.h ???

Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Tue Mar 7 15:01:59 UTC 2000

"W. Tasin" wrote:
> You shouldn't use an earlier snapshot! I think the KFileDiaog stuff
> won't return to getOpenFileName stuff, so your application users will
> get great problems (and also you to explain the stuff ;-))
> You should change your application to make it working right...

It will return, I asked Coolo about that. That´s why I didn´t change the
templates for that. Developers using KDE2 templates have to expect very
strange changes sometimes and if you want to take up with KDE2 you
really have to be on the bleeding edge anyway.

Of course I think changing the app to use *URL methods is the way to go.
The new and easy network transparency is really good if you run
dcopserver and kioslave manually (otherwise your app crashes under KDE

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