Bug when create new class based on QMultiLineEdit

jinyou zhu jinyouZ at wholetree.com
Mon Mar 6 09:23:43 UTC 2000

When I try to create a new class (Menu: Project->New Class) , which is
based on QMultiLineEdit within KDevelop 1.1, KDevelop creates the class
I want, but the include file name for the QMultiLineEdit class is wrong.
The correct include file should be "include <qmultilinedit.h>", not
"include <qmultilineedit.h>", which is created by KDevelop.

The environment I used is:

1. Linux:             V 2.2.14
2. Distribution:  Linux-Mandrake 7.0
3. Kdevelop:      KDK 1.1 Final
4. QT Version:   1.44

What I do is as follow:
1. create an applcation using Wizard with the option "QT normal"
(Project ->New ->QT->Normal)
2. create new class (Project ->New Class) and give the new class name as
"ColorMultiLineEdit" and the base class name as QMultiLineEdit, which is
one of the classes in QT library.

The code created by KDevelop is :


#include <qmultilineedit.h>

Class ColorMultiLineEdit: public .....

The problem is that there is no "qmultilineedit.h" in QT 1.44 library. I
think it should be "qmultilinedit.h" (only one "e" between the word
"line" and the word "edit", not double "e")

The reason for this is the class name for MultiLineEdit is defferent
from the corresponding include file name.

Hope this report is clear and useful.


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