Modern editors and "clipboards"

Serge Lussier lusse at
Mon Mar 6 00:59:03 UTC 2000

HI, ( sorry for my english )

I remember the old days using DOS ide 's Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 (tm).
I know its old, obsolete etc... But I miss its CLIPBOARD !!!!
Every things we copied in it was kept in a separate buffer, accessible
any time.
We could even edit/select and paste in an other buffer.

I want to point something about X/KDE/QT/Kwrite/Kdevelop and even
M$-Windows  editors  vs clipboards:
I nerver seen any clipboard  that had the MSDOS Borland IDE 's
Even Boland ( Inprise ) discarded that behaviour when they switched
their IDE to Windows.

The problem with every system today is that there is only the LAST
selection kept in memory .

 - Regarding Kdevelop - In Options|editor  dialog, there is a check
button < Multiple selection >
What does it means if it is not to take <multiple copy >, or how can I
access that Multiple selection feature? any way - what is "multiple
selection" ?
the Handbook says "allows multiple independent selections within the
text" ( duh ?? )

I know I could select a block, paste it in a dummy file, maintain that
file, grab some block from that file and paste in the current
working buffer.....
I mean, for all of my project, add a file called "myclipboard" and
maintain that file as .. a cummulative clipboard.

Is anybody can tell if  it could be possible to make Kdevelop having
that special clipboard feature which could act
like the old good MSDOS Borland IDE ?
I am not suggesting to bypass the XWindow/KDE clipboard system, but to
make Kdevelop "duplicate" the selected text in a special
cummulative and editable clipboard buffer.

This could be WOW! Making  Kdevelop more and more unique.

Best regards,
Serge Lussier

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