Paths to Qt-library-Doc and KDE-libraries-Doc and other questions

Ralf Nolden rnolden at
Sun Mar 5 23:45:24 UTC 2000

Robin POSS wrote:
> Hello!
> I am trying to setup my Kdevelop via the menu [options][KDevelop setup]
> among the following directories, which should I provide when asked for
> Qt-library-Doc and KDE-libraries-Doc?
First of all, I don´t understand why you have to be root for that. Doing
that as user will return you the directories you have access to ;-) so
you can exclude those you don´t have...

The path is the html directory for QT, so you should look for -name
html. Usually the path for qt is qt/html. For KDE there is a BIG
description and the installation asks you to generate the KDE docs. If
you´re using the KDK package, those are already included. If you don´t
know what this is all about (because it seems users have trouble
understanding the html documentation from the kdelibs sources by
themselves although there are pages of documentation in the handbooks
about that), please take the kde-libsdoc package from

> I see a box "Path" in [options][KDevelop setup]
> with "qt2.x" and "KDE2.x" in front of  spaces to fill with directories
> names.
> Is is a problem If I have neither?
No, this is no problem at all. Just you can´t develop for KDE 2 and Qt >
2.0. If you decide to do so and install the libraries somewhere save (so
you don´t mess your KDE 1.x installation), set the path there for these
directories. Details are in the tutorial handbook.

> Is there a way to convert easily an existing project into kde? Mine is
> contained into 164 directories, so using the "create a new project and
> [project][add existing files]" method will take me several hours
> (because what I would really need is a "add existing _directories_
> recursively" command. Can I edit the .kdevprj file
> manually?
Yes, you can. But I guess that choosing is quicker. It must be a huge
project though, 164 directories is what I think even more even the Linux
Kernel guys have to handle...
But that is a good Idea, we will think about adding directories
> Is there a "wish list" for kdevelop? If so, where?
Choose a topic that you´re interested in and if you like make a patch.
If you want something implemented, you should address it here in any

> What should I do to manage versions of my various files? Is it addressed
>  somewhere in the on-line documentation?
Enable version control support in your project and run cvs locally. More
infos on your system´s man page "cvs".
> Is there a postcript version of the documentations available somewhere?
Yes, announced on the KDevelop webpage. Follow the link and choose which
one you want, dvi, ps, pdf, letter/A4...

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