Paths to Qt-library-Doc and KDE-libraries-Doc and other questions

Robin POSS robinposs at
Sun Mar 5 23:02:04 UTC 2000


I am trying to setup my Kdevelop via the menu [options][KDevelop setup]
among the following directories, which should I provide when asked for
Qt-library-Doc and KDE-libraries-Doc?

[root at station2 /]# find / -name doc -type d -print

I see a box "Path" in [options][KDevelop setup]
with "qt2.x" and "KDE2.x" in front of  spaces to fill with directories 
Is is a problem If I have neither?

Is there a way to convert easily an existing project into kde? Mine is 
contained into 164 directories, so using the "create a new project and 
[project][add existing files]" method will take me several hours 
(because what I would really need is a "add existing _directories_ 
recursively" command. Can I edit the .kdevprj file

Is there a "wish list" for kdevelop? If so, where?

What should I do to manage versions of my various files? Is it addressed
 somewhere in the on-line documentation?

Is there a postcript version of the documentations available somewhere?


Robin POSS

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