Fwd: R emove '-nx' option from gdb command in KDevelop?

Sandy Meier smeier at kdevelop.de
Sun Mar 5 15:45:42 GMT 2000

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From: Richard Dale <Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk>

I've changed gdbcontroller.cpp in my copy of KDevelop, and removed the '-nx'
option from the gdb command, so KDevelop can pick up '.gdbinit' files,
either in the same directory as the executable or in $HOME.

-  *dbgProcess_<<config_gdbPath_+QString("gdb")<<"-fullname"<<"-nx"<<"-quiet";
+  *dbgProcess_<<config_gdbPath_+QString("gdb")<<"-fullname"<<"-quiet";

Then I've set up a '.gdbinit' file in my home directory containing gdb
commands like these:

set environment LD_LIBRARY_PATH

set environment GNUSTEP_ROOT /home/duke/src/gnustep/core set environment
GNUSTEP_PATHPREFIX_LIST /home/duke/src/gnustep/core/Local 

-- Richard

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