kdevelop bug

William Bryan bill.bryan at eds.com
Fri Mar 3 17:33:33 UTC 2000

Here is a bug for you.

Create a project ( KDE mini )
Create a dialog.
Create a button group
Select the button group
Attempt to create a radio button and insert into the button group
  ( by dropping radio button onto button group  and getting prompt
    for which object to insert button into and tell it the selected
object )
It will crash/core dump

Redhat 6.0 on Sparc Ultra 1
Kdevelop 1.1 ( released version ) ( downloaded and compiled )
Kdbg 1.0.2 (released version )( downloaded and compiled )

Kdevelop 1.1 was loaded after Kdevelop 1.0 ( both released versions,
   both downloaded and compiled and installed ).

*NOTE* Have not seen doco on how to do radio button creation
and especially with button groups.  My procedure could be wrong - if
so, please tell me.  I am currenly doing button groups but not letting
kdevelop insert radio button into them.  I then group them maually
in the object constructor ( see item 2248 ).

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