Klaus Reimer kr at ailis.de
Thu Mar 2 09:30:36 UTC 2000


I have installed the new KDevelop version 1.1 and have detected two

Project/Add existing files

When double-clicking a file, the dialog closes but no files are added
to the project. In my opinion the whole file selection process is not
working as a normal user (like me) will expect it. What about that

1. When selecting a file in the list, the filename should be inserted
into the "Filename" edit box.

2. When selecting more than one file, all the selected filenames
should be inserted into the "Filename" edit box (comma-separated)

3. The user should be able to edit the content of the "Filename" edit
box, but after selecting a new file in the list, these changes will be
lost and overwritten with the currently selected Filenames.

4. When pressing the "Open" button all the files specified in the
"Filename" edit box are used and not the files selected in the list.

I think that's the way the Microsoft dialog works and not all of
Microsoft inventions are bad. It's confusing when selecting a file and
the filename edit box stays empty. The open button should also be
disabled if the filename edit box is empty.

By the way: After selecting a filename and pressing "Open" KDevelop is
writing a comma behind the filename, even if there are no more
filenames following. It's working but it's confusing.

New Project

The second bug: When creating a new project and choosing a directory
name that already exists as a FILE, KDevelop will not stop like it
does, when choosing a directory name already existing as a DIRECTORY.

By the way: In my opinion it will be usefull to ALLOW project creation
in an existing directory. What about turning the error message into a
warning like "The Directory already exists. Continue?"


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