KDE 1.1 can't find iostream in install

RMaul28932 at aol.com RMaul28932 at aol.com
Thu Mar 2 03:02:21 UTC 2000

Hello, I have the most recent, stable version of KDE installed on a Mandrake 
7.0 box with the 2.2.14 kernel installed.  I downloaded 1.1 version of 
Kdevelop(the 9 MB file...from what I could tell, it has the "whole thing") 
and attemped to complie and install it.  ./configure went fine, but when I 
did make it reported that it could not find file, iostream.  I went into 
version 1.0(of Kdevelop which was automatically installed on Mandrake 7.0) 
and tried to complie a simple "hello world" project and it reported that it 
could not find file, iostream.h either.  I know that in MSVC++ iostream.h is 
installed automactially.  Do I need to download some "special" libraries for 
Kdevelop to work?  If I do, where do I need to download them from?
P.S.  You can either email me back at  LukeSkyfly at freewwweb.com (preferred) 
or RMaul28932 at aol.com


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