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Thu Jun 22 10:51:59 BST 2000


Werner Modenbach wrote:

> Our group is working on a big project now for a couple of month using kdevelop.
> Thank you for version 1.2 - it is really great.
> Also the integration of cvs-features has improved a lot we are continuously
> having problems in syncronizing our project. The problem is in the
> kdevelop-projectfile itself.
> People are adding and removing files (classes) from the project and after each
> update we have to alter the projectfile (and some other files as well)
> manually.

Yes, I've got the same problem. MisterX has committed a XYZ.kdevprj file and
MisterY will get a cvs conflict after cvs-update because his local version of
XYZ.kdevprj file has pretty much changed as well (simply because of using the file
by KDevelop).
There's no much you can do except:
   1.) Do only commit kdevprj files if the project structure has really changed.
         In case of someone has committed, delete your local copy before
   2.) Avoid a change of the project structure on 2 machines at the same time.
I hope the problem will disappear in KDevelop2.x.

> Which files besides the .cpp and .h files should be controlled by cvs?

Everything that remains after 'make distclean'.

> (As you can see I'm not an expert of cvs :-))

No worries. ;-)



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