John Birch jbb at
Thu Jun 22 12:45:08 BST 2000

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Werner Modenbach wrote:
> > Our group is working on a big project now for a couple of month using
> > kdevelop. Thank you for version 1.2 - it is really great.
> >
> > Also the integration of cvs-features has improved a lot we are
> > continuously having problems in syncronizing our project. The problem is
> > in the kdevelop-projectfile itself.
> > People are adding and removing files (classes) from the project and after
> > each update we have to alter the projectfile (and some other files as
> > well) manually.
> Yes, I've got the same problem. MisterX has committed a XYZ.kdevprj file
> and MisterY will get a cvs conflict after cvs-update because his local
> version of XYZ.kdevprj file has pretty much changed as well (simply because
> of using the file by KDevelop).
> There's no much you can do except:
>    1.) Do only commit kdevprj files if the project structure has really
> changed. In case of someone has committed, delete your local copy before
> cvs-update.
>    2.) Avoid a change of the project structure on 2 machines at the same
> time. I hope the problem will disappear in KDevelop2.x.

A better solution, but still manual intervention needed, is to add a copy of 
the kdevprj file to cvs using a different name, say prj.kdevprj.keep and 
don't put prj.kdevprj into cvs. Then "shuffle" the files when you want to 
update :-) You'll still have conflicts if two people want to update at the 
same time but at least this scheme should cater for 95% of the changes made 
to the project files (after the initial startup phase)


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