Werner Modenbach modenbach at
Thu Jun 22 10:13:25 BST 2000

Our group is working on a big project now for a couple of month using kdevelop.
Thank you for version 1.2 - it is really great. 

Also the integration of cvs-features has improved a lot we are continuously
having problems in syncronizing our project. The problem is in the
kdevelop-projectfile itself.
People are adding and removing files (classes) from the project and after each
update we have to alter the projectfile (and some other files as well)

As I understand you are doing development for kdevelop2 with a lot of
people under kdevelop1. How do you solve the problem?
Which files besides the .cpp and .h files should be controlled by cvs?

(As you can see I'm not an expert of cvs :-))

Thanks for any hints.

- Werner -

Werner Modenbach		 modenbach at
ALC Computertechnik GmbH

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