KDE 1 / KDE 2

Markus Gustavsson mighty at fragzone.se
Thu Jun 22 08:48:33 BST 2000

Hello List,

How's it going with the KDevelop for KDE2 version, and how is the
development split upon these two different trees?
Is it like 80%KDE1/20%KDE2, or 50%/50%? How have you planned to
work in the future on this, have you got any releaseplans, or other
thougths on when and how the KDE2 version is going to be made?
I'm planning to change to KDE2 CVS in a month or two, I've tried
it from time to time and it's finally starting to get really usable,
and I think it's *extremly* fun and interesting to see how the KDE2
port of KDevelop is evolving right now, and I'm really waiting for
more info from the developerguys on their upcoming KDE2 plans!


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