Problems generating documentation

Maniac Maniac at
Wed Jun 21 18:46:44 BST 2000

Hello I'm having problems

I'm trying to update my KDE2 documentation for KDev1.2 
Qt reference written to /home/Maniac/.kde/share/apps/kdevelop/KDE-Documentation/kdoc-reference/qt.kdoc.gz
Can't locate object method "AddPropList" via package "dcopc.h" at /usr/lib/perl5/5.00503/i386-linux/ line 554.
kdoc: reading lib: kde-qt-addon
kdoc: reading lib: qt
and so on
kdoc: processing version.h
kdoc call failed:
kdoc --strip-h-path --format html --compress  -n 'dcop' -d '/home/Maniac/.kde/share/apps/kdevelop/KDE-Documentation//dcop' -L '/home/Maniac/.kde/share/apps/kdevelop/KDE-Documentation/kdoc-reference' -u '/home/Maniac/.kde/share/apps/kdevelop/KDE-Documentation//dcop' 'dcopc.h' 'dcopclient.h' 'dcop-doc.h' 'dcopglobal.h' 'dcopobject.h' 'dcopref.h' 'dcopserver.h' 'dcopstub.h' 'testdcop.h' 'version.h' -lkde-qt-addon -lqt
/usr/bin/makekdedoc: generating dcop...
*** failed ***
The paths to the kdelibs (cvsupped) are correct
I copied the kdoc/*.pm (perl modules) to my main perl directory

What is going wrong?

BTW I did find AddPropList in the Ast module but it seems it doesn't find it 
this is the offending line(s) in
		if ( exists $kid->{Source} ) {
			$kid->{Source}->AddPropList( "Glob", $kid )

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