was: Developing KDE2 Apps with Kdevelop 1.1

Serge Lussier lusse at videotron.ca
Sun Jun 18 15:49:51 BST 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:

> browsing include files is probably the slowest solution to develop. I
> assume you´ve got KDoc 2 installed and configured KDevelop with
> --enable-kdoc2 or took the KDK. Take KDevelop 1.2 (which has much better
> documentation support) and generate the KDE 2 API documentation. Then
> you can access everything via the doctree and docbrowser !
> Ralf

1.1 : Some how, a third try was successful after
starting a new [normal] KDE2 project.

You know, it's so cool to browse with Konqeror :-)
Here a bit of blah blah ...:
KDE2 b2 still crash randomly every where for me and
loging out from it still always crash too.. But I found it is now usable
to start developing my little apps for. I felt really excited when
I compiled my first KDE2 app with just a lonely QPushButton...:=)))

The fact that I can use Kdevelop 1.x under KDE2 is so great!

> Serge, what are you doing ??? ;-)
lol. - You're right.
I made up my mind. I will re-install (again) kdk 1.2.

Thank you Ralf for your advices.

Best Regards,
Serge Lussier

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