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Roberto Alsina ralsina at
Fri Jun 16 17:28:58 BST 2000

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, David Santo Orcero wrote:

>  Hello, all:
>  I am an YAWDK -Yet another wannabe on developing for KDE-. I was
> enlighted with Kdevelop one month ago, and I have been studiing
> the use of programming for KDE during last month. Now I am triing
> to port some of programs under Sun's OpenLook -yes, I use that library, 
> in 2000-. The main trouble is that I work on C, and hate C++.
>  I saw at kde developer home page a link to a wrapper, for developing
> under C. But that links points to a empty dir. Does Anybody know an
> alternative location for the wrappers?

I wrote them, and I guess I must have a copy somewhere. However, they are
badly out of date.

Not to mention that they are for Qt 1.33 or somesuch, and KDE2 based on Qt
2.1 is coming pretty soon.

>  Other question. How about developing in C under Kdevelop. I have tested
> under C++ and is marvelous, but I find somwwhat complex including C
> code. Has some developer of the list any experience on developing C
> code under KDE to tell me about his experience and to give me any
> trick?
>  Yours:
> David

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