Qt not found only when optimizing

pedro at zmat.suc.es pedro at zmat.suc.es
Thu Jun 15 10:40:35 BST 2000

I'm developping an application since Kdevelop 1.0 and yesterday
suddently I obtained a configure error, couldn't find Qt libs. It was
the optimization flag. When I select to compile with optimization
Kdevelop didn't find the libraries, didn't matter I exported QTDIR, nor
I run configure with --with-qt-libraries=xxxx. Yes I had done a Make
The most curious was that if I run Make -f Makefile.dist then
./configure the Qt libs were found fine (I can't compile because
-fno-exception an -fno-rtti being passed to the compiler, I don't know
why, this was the ISO/C++ and exceptions post below).
_ONLY_ desactivating the optimization flag it compiled again.

I'm running Kdevelop 1.2 version 20000608-A with the one-line patch
(nothing to do with this) I posted to this list. I'm going to post it
again rigth now.

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