Building KDevelop 2.0 from a snapshot

W. Tasin tasin at
Wed Jun 14 17:14:18 BST 2000

Richard Dale wrote:
> I downloaded kdevelop20000610.tar. When the package is untar'd it doesn't
> contain some of the files needed for autoconf and configure to work. But inside
> the file 'Makefile.cvs' there are the following lines:
>         @echo "This Makefile is only for the CVS repository"
>         @echo "This se checkowill be deleted before making the distribution"
>         @echo ""
>         @if test ! -d admin; then \
>            echo "Please recheckout this module!" ;\
>            echo "for cvs: use checkout once and after that update again" ;\
>            echo "for cvsup: checkout kde-common from cvsup and" ;\
>            echo "   linheckouk kde-common/admin to ./admin" ;\
>            exit 1 ;\
>         fi
> I am wondering what the equivalent commands to build a snapshot which
> hasn't got the CVS directory files in it?
> I built KDevelop 2.0 by copying the admin directory, from
> the KDE 2.0 kdelibs, and copied the acinclude.m4 file from KDevelop 1.2. But it
> didn't build the moc files at first because the new KDevelop (and KDE 2.0) use a
> different macro for moc METASOURCES.  So I ran the command 'perl
> ./admin/am_edit ' which did the trick. I'm assuming that I'm missing a suitable
> 'acinclude.m4' or similar.
> ie KDevelop 2.0:
> libkwrite_a_METASOURCES = AUTO
> ie KDevelop 1.2:
> When I ran KDevelop 2.0 it crashed - excellent, proper alpha-test behaviour! I
> fixed a non-null terminated string list and then off it went ...and actually
> started up. I opened an existing project - I now have an interesting 'opening
> project' stack trace to look at, oh well...
> -- Richard

Now this problem should be solved...
it was my fault because I didnĀ“t consider the "admin" part as additional
package (i. e. from kde-support) and cvsup cannot handle those links
from other packages.
So the script which creates a KDevelop 2.x snapshot now is fixed.

You can test it with the kdevelop20000614.tar.gz.


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