KDevelop 2.0 problems.

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 12 21:32:48 BST 2000


ian reinhart geiser wrote:

>         i have delusions of makeing Kpp (an RPM builder for KDevelop)
>         a patch to KDevelop 2... is this an option yet?

Every patch for KDevelop2 is cool! :-)
I just meant developing _using_ KDevelop2 isn't possible. I hack KDevelop2
sources using KDevelop1.2.

>         my big problem is that i am testing KDE2 under LinuxPPC
>         currently KDE1 and KDE2 are fighting...  is there a good
>         way to install KDE 1 and 2... i have been thinking about
>         a /opt/kde1 and a /opt/kde2  approach?  will this cause me
>         problems later?

Yes, I use SuSE6.3 and installed /opt/kde and /opt/kde2.
One login uses KDE2 and one uses KDE2. If you use some tricks, it will be
You must hack ~/.xsession and ~/.xinitrc and define the environment and call
/opt/kde/startkde or /opt/kde2/startkde.

Or you can start KDE2 applications from your KDE1 desktop using shell scripts
which at first set the KDE2/Qt-2.1 environment and start necessary background
processes of KDE2 and which start the KDE2 application right after that.

F at lk

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