Using kdevelop1.2 under kde2 (was Re: KDevelop 2.0 problems.)

John Birch jbb at
Tue Jun 13 02:28:11 BST 2000

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, you wrote:
> Hi,
> ian reinhart geiser wrote:
> >         i have delusions of makeing Kpp (an RPM builder for KDevelop)
> >         a patch to KDevelop 2... is this an option yet?

Good stuff - have you thought about making it a kpart?

> Every patch for KDevelop2 is cool! :-)
> I just meant developing _using_ KDevelop2 isn't possible. I hack KDevelop2
> sources using KDevelop1.2.
> >         my big problem is that i am testing KDE2 under LinuxPPC
> >         currently KDE1 and KDE2 are fighting...  is there a good
> >         way to install KDE 1 and 2... i have been thinking about
> >         a /opt/kde1 and a /opt/kde2  approach?  will this cause me
> >         problems later?
> Yes, I use SuSE6.3 and installed /opt/kde and /opt/kde2.
> One login uses KDE2 and one uses KDE2. If you use some tricks, it will be
> possible.

That should be KDE1 and KDE2 logins? :-)

> You must hack ~/.xsession and ~/.xinitrc and define the environment and
> call /opt/kde/startkde or /opt/kde2/startkde.

I'm guessing you're running kde2 and want to use kdevelop on that. As Falk 
says kdevelop2.0 isn't ready yet, but you can run kdevelop1.2 under kde2
Here's one method (change the paths to suit)

Set up a new user for kde2. Assuming bash is being used, include the 
following in the .bash_profile in this users directory 

This gets the kde2 system working for this user
Then create the following script - call it  kdevelop1, perhaps.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/kde1/lib:/opt/qt-1.44/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH \

And that's it ... almost. You'll need to copy the kdevelop icons from the 
kde1 to the kde2 (.kde/share/apps/kdevelop) directory.

There's other (probably better) ways of doing this, but it's sufficient on my 
system for developing kde2 apps.

I really recommend using a new user login for your kde2 work rather than 
running kde2 from your old kde1 login. I remember seeing mails about problems 
if you do run kde2 over the top of a kde1 setup. See kde-devel and/or 
kde-core-devel mailing list for more info on this.

Oh btw I'm not using kdm but do a startx at the shell prompt. I don't know if 
this has any impact on the above.


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