KDevelop 2.0 problems.

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 12 20:21:20 BST 2000

Hi Ian,

ian reinhart geiser wrote:
>       KDE 1 is pretty cleaned up.  I use KDevelop as my

>         main development enviroment. so i REALLY would like
>         it under KDE2

Not a good idea. :-(
KDE2 is pretty unstable. And KDevelop2 is about at alpha stage. For instance,
debugging isn't possible at all. You would lack a lot of features KDevelop1.2

>         so KDevelop 2 will not compile period!  i have the latest source
>         from KDE.org.  it is very hard to nail these guys down and get
>         good source trees.

In a few days KDE2 is available for download. Please wait...

>         thanks,  could someone on the list let me know when
>         KDevelop is ready again.  we are really wanting to
>         include KDE2 in our next release.

Better is to use KDevelop1.2 on KDE2, if you really want to use KDE2. For
that you must install the KDE1 libraries and Qt-1.44 as well.

F at lk

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