Loading icons & crash program

Chema jmolles at airtel.net
Fri Jun 2 08:50:04 BST 2000

Tu escribiste:
> I guess an allocation problem inside your application...
> (this causes trouble like this)... sometimes crash... sometimes no
> crash...
> If you take off some resources and then it works... maybe your
> pointer/allocation problem then casually it works because the situtation
> inside your memory is another one.
> Ciao
> Walter
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Thanks to try help me.
I read last emails on kdevelop's forum & I supose that my problem is related
with: RE: Cannot create/open projects -> SOLUTION,Stefan Hellwig,06-01-2000 15:29 
because if you read my last emails,I solved the problem with debug options...
Well,not solved but works more or less fine...
Now there are not  problems with QPixmaps,is possible I related crash/don't
crash with QPixmaps but I think there are not related.
Thanks again

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