Only Root has a working HELP system

Eric Sorensen esorensen at
Sat Dec 30 15:49:19 GMT 2000

Can someone put me back on track.  I can't seem to get a working Help system 
(KDevelop 1.3) with any user other than root.  

Symptoms are that during the KDevelop Setup as regular user, the search 
process takes just a few seconds  and claims that the installation is 

Search_result.html -the HT-Dig results page - doesn't get created when 
searching either.

I checked the path information to the libraries and so on.  It's all 
identical to that being used by root.  I use HT-Dig and it appears to be 
working just fine in the KDE help system (all users).

My system is SuSE 7.0.  I have the old and new KDE Desktops (up to 2.1Beta1) 
and their Qt companions.  My Helpsystem hates me regardless of desktop.  In 
Kdevloprc the qt_doc and kde_doc paths are pointing to the old libraries.  

Is there anyone out there who can help me get this straigtened out?

			With thanks in advance, mfG

			Eric Sorensen 


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