temporary wrapper script / libtool problem

Rich Wareham rjw57 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 6 13:45:49 GMT 2000

On Wednesday 06 December 2000 13:21, you wrote:
> Hello !
> I am afraid this topic has been discussed already, however I did not find
> any references in the archive. I am porting my kde1 application to kde2,
> using kdevelop 1.3beta. The project compiles without errors, and the app
> runs as expected. However, it is generated as a wrapper script, the actual
> executables are in a .lib subdirectory. It seems that libtool thinks that
> some libraries must be relinked at runtime. How can I get rid of this ?
> Kernel 2.2.17, Qt1.45/Kde1.1.2, Qt2.2.2/Kde2.0.1

Libtool does this ISTR so that you can run the program from your build tree. 
When you install it, the binary is copied from the .lib directory.


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