KDE2 and Kdevelop

Rares Pop azoth at dnt.ro
Mon Dec 4 10:23:32 GMT 2000

Hi everybody,

1. How can I use Kdevelop1.2 or (1.3a) with KDE2?
 I have recently installed Mandrake 7.2. Installing binaries from kdevelop1.2 
didn't work, a small (~30x30) main window appear titled KDevelop and this 
cannot be worked with.
I have tried to compile the sources of kdk1.2, kdevelop1.2, kdevelop1.3a and 
all of them stops at the "./configure" stage when checking "KDEHeaders". The 
problem is like this: the "kurl.h" file (probably from kde2 I suppose) 
requires "qvaluelist.h" which is from qt2 and of course it doesn't find it in 
qt (1.44). 
Please help me on this as I am new to linux world and even if I have some 
programming experience from "other" platforms I can't make it work.

2. I am thinking about the possibility to get involved in the development of 
kdevelop2. Where can I find docs/specs/sources related to it?

3. Beside KDevelop, are there any other IDE (free or comercial) for C++ 
development? I have seen C-forge so far.

Thank you,
Rares Pop
Managing Director
Azoth ltd Romania

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