V2.0 feature suggestion

Christian Couder christian at alcove.fr
Wed Aug 23 11:55:58 UTC 2000

Thomas Regner wrote:

> Hi,
> On Mit, 23 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> > Why not make it possible
> > to change the tone of the white background of the editor to
> > a shade of one color? Assume I want to mark line 200-210,
> > with a couple of keypresses, I could mark these lines, and
> > have the normally white background have a *slight* shade
> > of blue, red, green or whatever..
> I like the idea of a slightly colored background to mark specific code
> segments, I assume that this would be handy during coding.
> but IMHO it would be a nearly useless feature, if it´s not permanent (maybe
> as an option).
> <kdevelop-developers>
> Do you like it?
> Is it possible at all?
> </kdevelop-developers>


In kdevelop 1 there are already bookmarks that you can see on the left margin.

So it is possible to add backgroud coloring (and quite easy), but soon people
will want to be able to go to the colored part of the file with a keystroke
and it will become another kind of bookmark. Perhaps the right thing would be
to add a preference where the user can choose between bookmarks and even
breakpoints as icons in the left margin or as colored background.


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