general Q's on kdevelop 1.1

Mike Andrew mikero at
Wed Apr 26 09:15:30 UTC 2000

I am using kdevelop 1.1 tarball under Caldera Openlinux 2.4 and am thrilled
with it. The rate of progress in a useable linux desktop gui and 'ide
developers' like kdevelop is jaw-dropping. Who would have expected this quality
in such a short time?

My questions in no particular order (if some kind souls could help me out here)

I see references to kdevelop 1.2 but have only been able to download a 1.1
tarball, I can't make sense of where to find, let alone get, 1.2 I get a sense
that kde 1.x is still in active development (and bug fixes), but it isn't clear.

If I moved to kdevelop 2.x, could I use that package instead to generate
applications for kde 1.x? I assume the answer is no.

How do I generate a minimum source distribution? For quite some time the
Project->Make distribution -> source tgz did nothing, now it suddenly works. I
have no idea what i touched to make it happen.

4) the build ->Distclean process is frightening. I used it once only, after
that, no matter what I did I could not rebuild or re-generate the makefiles and
had to start the project from fresh. Clearly, i don't understand it's use.

4a) I seem to be able to achieve the inability to re-compile through other
means and deserve a medal for stupidity. The best are always some obscure perl
script message. It seems kdevelop 'forgets' that a given source file didn't
compile properly and just ignores it.

Is there some method of re-constructing your project?

 5) Is there a simple way to rename
files, and or project names? It seems the only way i can rename something is to
add->existing file, then delete the old file name and header then clean/rebuild

5) how can i rename the resulting binary (other than simply using mv command?).
If you're guessing my project was called 'test', and i now want the impressive
results to be called 'wunderbus' you're right.

6) I attempted to move one kde application i made over to a redhat 6.1 gnome/kde
and it promptly hung the screen. I noticed that kdevelop is 'gnome friendly',
are there special requirements I missed?

7) Project Make Api Doc
Can't read from kpnp at /opt/kde/bin/kdoc line 194
	main::parseFiles() called at /opt/kde/bin/kdoc line 152
*** failed ***

this message also appeared during original setup of both kdev 1.0 and 1.1
These are not complaints, just observations. If some of you could help me over
the non-obvious hurdles, I'd be grateful. Thank you.

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