KDevelop 1.x/KDE2 (KHTML) Help

Tim Rohrer tgrohrer at metbymail.com
Wed Apr 26 01:03:54 UTC 2000

Hello All,

With the help of Hauke, I think I've pretty much understand the doc/view model.
Now, my question is more specific. I'm trying to implement the html in an app
by using kdevelop kde2 normal.  The prob I'm having might be a cross of lack
of c++ experience, kdevelop's doc/view model, and kde2 (snapshot of 18 April). 
So, here it is:

The kde2 html implementation  comes in two part: KHTMLPart and KHTMLView.  I'll
say my kdevelop application name is Test.  After creating Test, I'm able to
adopt the standard kdevelop template for the testdoc class to use KHTMLPart as
the base class.  Programming wise, the view side is where I'm having
difficulty.  I can't figure out what the constructor (ctor) should look like
for Testview.  Here is KHTMLView's ctor:

     KHTMLView (KHTMLPart *part, QWidget *parent, const char *name=0 ) {   ... }

This appears to be looking for the "doc" to be passed to the base class?  When
I try to change the base class for Testview, I can't figure out in the doc/view
model what to pass.  It seems to be that kdevelop doc/view model is
having the doc keep track of the view and the kde2 libs are being
designed to have the views pass the data around. 

Thoughts? Am I missing something really simple? Am I out to lunch? :)

I've tried to provide enough info to get a conversation going.  Please let me
know what else you would need to know to discuss this. 


Tim Rohrer
tgrohrer at metbymail.com

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