How to run KDevelop 2

Michael Mueller michael_p_mueller at
Wed Apr 26 10:41:57 BST 2000


I would like to have a look at KDevelop 2. Can anyone explain to me, what I
have to do to get it running? I downloaded a daily snapshot, but I cannot
compile it. When I call make -f Makefile.cvs, as it is described in the
README, I get a message

This Makefile is only for the CVS repository
This se checkowill be deleted before making the distribution

Please recheckout this module!
for cvs: use checkout once and after that update again
for cvsup: checkout kde-common from cvsup and
   linheckouk kde-common/admin to ./admin

It seems to me, that I need to create a link to kde-common/admin but I
cannot find a directory called kde-common. What am I missing and how can I
get it?



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