[Q]: My app wont run outside Kdevelop

ljp llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Wed Apr 12 14:44:14 UTC 2000

> Jerry L Kreps wrote:
> > On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Mikkel M. Mortensen wrote:
> > > Hi there
> > >
> > > I have developed an app (C/C++) in Kdevelop and
> > > it works fine when I hit F9. But it wont run in
> > > a XTerm. My main simply don't get called. I would
> > > appreciate any pointers to solving this problem.
> > >
> > > Thanks in advance
> > > Mikkel
> >
> > Works fine for me.
> > Maybe it is as simple as setting the execute attribute on, if you
> > turned it off for some reason.  Seems like you are a newbie to app
> > programming???  Maybe you should leave these folks alone to develop
> > their fine apps and take such a simple question to a Linux tutorial
> > forum.
> > JLK
> Oh, --> is it that you were born a "genius" and already been hacking in
> the cradle?? Then I'm sorry for getting involved in this,
> otherwise why don't you just give the poor guy a break. He only aseked a
> polite question. If you feel so annoyed by it, why did
> you bother replying to him in the first place?
> This list should be capable of handeling newcomers too! If it doesn't,
> then how can kdevelop attract new talents in the first place!?
> This guy might be enthusiastically answereng questions like this by
> himself oneday, so people like you should set a better example
> when playing the "guru".
> /jmb

I agree. This attitude prevades newsgroups such as comp.lang.perl It is such
a drag, that it turned me off to perl, even tho I know of its capablilties.
Condescending attitudes should be left in the gutter.
We all had to start somewhere, right?


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