Kdevelop crash

Simon Derr sderr at ensisun.imag.fr
Tue Apr 11 09:49:48 UTC 2000

>Simon Derr wrote:
>> =
>>         Hi, I'm developping a project using Kdevelop and in it's
>> state Kdevelop crashes when I run my program with the F9 key.
>> Kdevelop coredumps and its last words are :
>> EXEC:./trykplotQGList::locate: Index 1 out of range
>> ASSERT: "s" in widgets/qmultilinedit.cpp (1853)

>> (trykplot is the name of my project)
>> I have the latest Kdevelop snapshot, but this occured also with my
>> previous version that was one month old.
>> When running in a xterm, the ouput of my program is (do not count
>> *****************************************
>> =
>> Caught unexpected Exception at top level : Standard library call
>> failed(tcgetattr: Ioctl() inappropr=E9 pour un p=E9riph=E9rique)
>> Giving up.
>> ******************************************
>> oops, pine has cut the second line, in fact there are only three
>> the first is empty, the second is Caught... until ) and the last
>> up."
>> If I comment out parts of my code to remove the second line (the long
>> one), Kdevelop no longer crashes.
>         Simon.
>Hi Simon,
>I don't think that it would be a problem of KDevelop, but of your code
>or of your system installation.
>Did you change something of the basic standard libs on your system?

No. I have a raw SUSE 6.3... as far as standard libs are concerned.

>Maybe a reinstallation of the "proper" standard c/c++ libs would help,
>I personally think it's (also) a problem of your code, because as you
>already said:
>"If I comment out...." ... and you are doing something grave which also
>kills the parent processes (maybe calling a inaproppriate terminal

Well, the code I did "comment out" was only ONE line beginning with 
"cerr << "Caught...""

I still think my program is not responsible for the crash. My program
doesn't do nasty things or anything that could kill Kdevelop. The ioctl
that fails is done... on /dev/null (to be sure it will fail :)). And if a
add a few debug messages, Kdevelop no longer crashes.

But... I'm using XFree 4.0. Maybe Qt or anybody in the KDE family has
problems with it ?

Anyway if it happens to be a Kdevelop bug it is a rare and not too serious


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