Weird kdevelop problems

W. Tasin tasin at
Mon Apr 10 11:24:07 UTC 2000

Sean Harmer wrote:
Hi Sean,

> Hi All,
> I am having a very strange set of problems with kdevelop. Until the middle of
> last week I was using kdevelop 1.1 with no problems, (great program by the
> way). Then, when I came to make the project I got a message in the output
> window saying,
> CXX FLAGS=":CXXFLAGS=":NO such file or directory
> *** failed ***
> I also get this message if I try to use the configure option from within
> kdevelop. When I try to create a new project of any type I get the following in
> the error window of kappwizard,
> perl: No such file or directory.
> perl: No such file or directory.
> And it stops there. Also, if I click on rebuild all, I get the following errors
> reported,
> gmake: /usr/bin/gmake: cannot execute binary file
> *** failed ***
> gmake: /usr/bin/gmake: cannot execute binary file
> *** failed ***
> Now for the weird bit - we still have an old kdevelop 1.0 installed elsewhere
> on the system and this still works fine. I have tried blowing away all of my
> kde installation and ~/.kde and reinstalling but I still get these errors. I
> have also tried installing a kdevelop 1.2 daily snapshot with the same results.
> I can still configure and make the projects that I have from the command line
> or kdevelop 1.0.
> Does anybody have any ideas what is going on and how to fix it?
> Any help greatly appreciated,
>         Sean Harmer

wow... never seen such an error...
but I guess there is something going wrong on the environment variables
on that user account.

try to start "perl --version" from this user account on your machine.
The error "perl: No such file or directory." normally means there is no
And also the error of /usr/bin/gmake is really strange.

gmake and perl are inside /usr/bin, so either the PATH env. or the
rights to /usr/bin
(or even the rights to start these binaries) aren't quite right for the
user which starts kdevelop.

This is only an assumption, maybe it helps...


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