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> > I'm not really a beginner in C++, i made some work under Microsoft
> > Visual Studio 6.0 but i'm fairly new to linux graphic interface :)
> > My distribution is a SuSE 6.3 and i install kdevelop 1.0 beta3 from this
> > distribution.
>         You should try to get the newest 1.1 version fro SuSE at:
> > After that, i tried to make a small project like the one i found on the
> > kdevelop site but nothing to do, when i try to compile i always have the
> > following message :
> >
>         Is your installation complete ? You need autconf/automake. Start
> with the HelloWorld project that is generated by the Wizard via Terminal/C.
> It should work without probs.
I think the problem is this:

he downloaded a program that is mentionend to be made with KDevelop,
untared it and loaded the project file ;-)

Benjamin, there are three things that have to be watched:

a) install all needed headers: Qt, X11 and KDE
b) when using distribution tarballs like the one you got where you
loaded the project file, you have to select "Build"->"Configure" to
build the Makefiles.
the autoconf/automake stuff is not regeneratable, so extending the
distribution tarball won´t work (because it is a distribution ;-)
After running configure, you can still call make and run the program.
The error "no targets" is always the output if there is no Makefile !!
c) when creating your own projects with KDevelop you will have the
development version of a project with the automake stuff. There, the
configure script itself is build with calling make -f Makefile.dist
(which is in the build-Menu under Autoconf/automake), then you can call
configure and then make & run the app

Hope this helps. But PLEASE read the manuals BEFORE you ask. This costs
you nothing and explains the same as I said (look at the manual chapter


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