make error :(

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Thu Apr 6 09:38:47 UTC 2000

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> Subject:	make error :(
> I'm not really a beginner in C++, i made some work under Microsoft
> Visual Studio 6.0 but i'm fairly new to linux graphic interface :)
> My distribution is a SuSE 6.3 and i install kdevelop 1.0 beta3 from this
> distribution.
	You should try to get the newest 1.1 version fro SuSE at:

> After that, i tried to make a small project like the one i found on the
> kdevelop site but nothing to do, when i try to compile i always have the
> following message :
	Is your installation complete ? You need autconf/automake. Start
with the HelloWorld project that is generated by the Wizard via Terminal/C.
It should work without probs.

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