cvs support in kdevelop

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Wed Jul 28 11:52:22 UTC 1999

> In kdevelop/vc/cvs.cpp, method cvs::commit(filename), you should use the
> variable QString name(..) instead of the argument filename as cvs
> argument. Seems like you intended to do so, but simply forgot... ;-)

Right :-)

> A different thing:
> I always get this error msg when I try cvs update:
>   cvs server: Updating .
>   cvs [server aborted]: EOF in value in RCS file
> /devel/cvsroot/chat/chat/chat.kdevprj,v
> Is this something related to kdevelop? I couldn´t find anything about
> this message in the CVS manpage and info files. Thanks!

I've never seen such a message. Is your repository file somehow
truncated (you can look at it, it's plain ascii)?

I think it's safe to say that it's not related to KDevelop. The
complete cvs functionality of KDevelop uses only the 'cvs' 
command line client, no direct manipulation of the repository
is done. So if the cvs server reports a problem, then either
cvs itself has a bug or the repository is corrupted by another


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