cvs support in kdevelop

Christoph Schönfeld Christoph.Schoenfeld at
Wed Jul 28 19:54:02 UTC 1999

Bernd Gehrmann wrote:

> > I always get this error msg when I try cvs update:
> >
> >   cvs server: Updating .
> >   cvs [server aborted]: EOF in value in RCS file
> > /devel/cvsroot/chat/chat/chat.kdevprj,v
> >
> > Is this something related to kdevelop? I couldn´t find anything about
> > this message in the CVS manpage and info files. Thanks!
> I've never seen such a message. Is your repository file somehow
> truncated (you can look at it, it's plain ascii)?

The file looks Ok in the Repository. I tried to add linefeeds at the end, but
that didn´t help.

lists a similar problem with binary files but kdevelop project files
(*.kdevprj) are pure ascii, so I have no idea what the problem really is.

I manually deleted the file in the repository and removed the entry from the
CVS/Entries file. Afterwards i added it back to the repository and everything
seemed to be fine. The problem is that I did something similar before
(restarted the repository with import) and after a few times of ´cvs update´
this message showed up again. I was wondering if kdevelop is using any
non-ascii characters in its project files...
I mean this could corrupt the repository, right?
Any idea?


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