Patch for function adding bug

Jonas Nordin jonas.nordin at
Mon Jul 26 06:35:26 UTC 1999

> Does anyone have any objections to my going ahead and adding the "add signal or
> slot" method in the popup menu in the class view?  I'm just going to do it
> exactly like the current "add member function."  Who's in charge of the
> class parser, by the way?  In order to do this, I'll either need ot add
> "isSignal()" and "isSlot()" methods to CParsedMethod or add several methods to
> CParsedSignal slot (because the dialog returns a pointer to
> CParsedXXXX), and I'd like to know which approach would muck up your code less.

I'll add a radio box to the method dialog where you can decide what type it is
and add the booleans to CParsedMethod.


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