More than one compiler

Jonas Nordin jonas.nordin at
Sun Jul 25 18:25:47 UTC 1999

Den Sat, 24 Jul 1999 skrev du:
> I'm trying to add support for java in KDevelop, so I added the "Java" tab
> to avoid editing in the "Header/Resource" tab. I liked the proposal of an
> independent KJDevelop, but I really don't know how to start such thing.
> I'm a newbie in KDevelop and KDE, but I have a lot of experience in Java.
> I'm using KDevelop as a Java IDE because I really hate any other Java IDE I
> tried (and I tried a lot of them). I just want a very good source code
> editor, integrated with CVS, etc, but not necessarily a visual bean builder.
> I want an opinion about the best way to handle the java support:
>  - hacking KDevelop, or
>  - try to make a KJDevelop based on KDevelop code.

I think we should develop the C++ to alteast beta status and then make some
changes to support other languages as well. Not just java.


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