Patch for function adding bug

John R. Zedlewski zedlwski at
Sun Jul 25 18:58:57 UTC 1999

Hi, I started working on a dialog for adding signals/slots just like you can
add regular methods, but I noticed a bug along the way with the latest CVS
version: when you add a function, the header part gets put in the source file
and the definition stub gets put in the currently open file.  Something little
just got flipped around in the source code.  Attached is a "diff -c" patch for
Does anyone have any objections to my going ahead and adding the "add signal or
slot" method in the popup menu in the class view?  I'm just going to do it
exactly like the current "add member function."  Who's in charge of the
class parser, by the way?  In order to do this, I'll either need ot add
"isSignal()" and "isSlot()" methods to CParsedMethod or add several methods to
CParsedSignal slot (because the dialog returns a pointer to
CParsedXXXX), and I'd like to know which approach would muck up your code less.
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