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Matthew Hixson hixson at
Sun Jul 25 20:40:54 UTC 1999

On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Jonas Nordin wrote:

>> I want an opinion about the best way to handle the java support:
>>  - hacking KDevelop, or
>>  - try to make a KJDevelop based on KDevelop code.
>I think we should develop the C++ to alteast beta status and then make some
>changes to support other languages as well. Not just java.

I agree.  I think it would be a pain for everyone to have an independant
KJDevelop project.  Features would need to be added in parallel to both
  I would very much like to see a Class Browser for Java classes.  I downloaded
KDevelop and compiled it for the first time the other day.  Since then I've
setup a Java project and have been using it.  I've only gotten KDevelop to
crash once in the past 3 days.  A big thanks to all the developers.
  Here is a list of features I'd like to see integrated into KDevelop
along with a list of small bugs/annoyances.

[ Wishlist ]

o The "opening block indicator thingy" that XEmacs does
   I don't know what this is called.  Its when you open a block of code with {
and when you type the closing } the cursor mementarily jumps back up to the
opening { so that you can quickly see which block of code you're closing.  It
does the same thing for parentheses.  Did I explain that well enough?
  I did find the "Auto Brackets" option in the editor settings, but this is not
the same thing.

o Makefile syntax highlighting
  Viewing Makefiles seems kindof bland as there is no syntax highlighting that
takes place for those files.

o Class browser for Java (already exists?)
   I couldn't get the class browser to create a class tree out of my Java
files.  I assume this is because it only works for C++ projects at this point. 
Is that true?

o Ability to have XEmacs-like "mouse paste at text cursor" rather than being
stuck with "mouse paste at mouse cursor".
   I'd like to be able to just hit my middle mouse button anywhere within the
editor window to paste the text at the location of the text cursor rather
than at the location of the mouse cursor.   

[ Bugs/Minor Annoyances ]

o After adding a file to the project the RFV view expands the full tree again.
   This is just annoying because if you're adding a bunch of files to your
project, and they are listed way at the bottom of the tree, you've got to
either collapse all of the unimportant directories every time or scroll all the
way down to the files you're interested in.

o Why are "Add this file to project?" and "Delete this file from disc?" on the same popup
  menu right next to each other?  Its very easy to hit delete when not meaning to. 

o It would be nice if the "Window" menu would alphabetize the files listed there
  rather than listing them chronologically (order in which you opened them).

o Project -> Make Distribution -> Source-tgz returns
  "make: *** No rule to make targe 'dist'. Stop." even though I have a 'dist'
target in my Makefile.  This is in the same Makefile that compiles correctly
when I hit the "make" button.

o Why can't I cut and paste from the "messages" window into other X applications?

I think that's it for now.  Thanks for writing such a great IDE for Linux.  Its
by far the best one I've ever seen.  I hope my list is helpful to the
developers, and let me know if you have any questions about anything I've

Matthew Hixson - CIO 
FroZenWave Communications

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