2 "Bugs" in Snapshot 19990717 ?

Martin Haller martin.haller at online.de
Sun Jul 18 08:15:14 UTC 1999


thought I found 2 bugs:

1. If you create a new member function with the wizzard, it sometimes only
creates the implementation in the cpp file, not the declaration in the h file.
And if you save and restart, there is no new function anywhere, but if you
compile, the function exists in the executable (it does its work)...

2. If you are just typing in some code in the "Add member function" wizzard,
the cursor suddenly is hidden and you have to reset it by clicking the mouse.
This apears a few times again in delta times of ~ 5-10 sec ...


Could you implement a better saving procedure ? For example, I don´t know, if
it helps, but flushing the saved data would solve the problem (if kdevelp
crashes and some code has lost)

Bye Martin

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