KDevelop 0.4 + Qt2.00; is it possible?

Arvid Nilsson f98ani at efd.lth.se
Mon Jul 19 11:27:52 BST 1999

Hi there!

(Newbie alert)
My question: I would like to be able to develop for qt2 in kdevelop. Can I
somehow start with making a new normal qt project in the app wizard, and then
change some settings to use my qt2 headers? I really don't have a clue about how
to accomplish this. I also have to link against the qt2 libs somehow
- I guess this involves the project/options/linker options/additional libraries
text box somehow, but I'm not sure what to write there.

I have both qt1.44 and qt2.00 installed now, and there seems to be no

I'm using kde 1.1.1 with kdevelop 0.4. I have both qt1g and qt2 installed.
Everything is installed with the debian packages from Ivan E. Moore II

	Arvid Nilsson, Sweden
	f98ani at efd.lth.se

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