ANNOUNCE: KDevelop 0.4 released

Jonas Nordin jonas.nordin at
Thu Jul 8 07:18:03 UTC 1999

Den Thu, 08 Jul 1999 skrev du:
> I have been using KDevelop for several weeks and I really like.  Keep up the good work.
> The only problem that I have been having is in "CV" navigation to the definition of overloaded
> operators.  The overloaded operators show up under global functions.  Parsing problem???
The current source(in CVS) has huge improvements in parsing. Perhaps you should
try that to see i it helps.

> One more thing, in the RFV tab when I add or remove a file from the project,
>it re-expands the tree > view and positions me back up at the top.  This is not
>very convenient for working in larger > projects with numerous files (and
>subdirectories). > 
This problem also has been solved in the current sources.


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