ANNOUNCE: KDevelop 0.4 released

Gary Meyer gary.meyer at
Thu Jul 8 00:16:15 UTC 1999

I have been using KDevelop for several weeks and I really like.  Keep up the good work.

The only problem that I have been having is in "CV" navigation to the definition of overloaded
operators.  The overloaded operators show up under global functions.  Parsing problem???

One more thing, in the RFV tab when I add or remove a file from the project, it re-expands the tree
view and positions me back up at the top.  This is not very convenient for working in larger
projects with numerous files (and subdirectories).

Again, keep up the good work.

-- Gary

The.KDevelop.Team at wrote:

> Hi!
> The KDevelop Team is proud to announce the new release of its KDevelop IDE , version 0.4.
> Since the last release, the main work was done in three different areas: the class viewer, the
> dialog editor and the "look-n'-feel" in general, including new editing functions and the creation
> of KDE-applications. In order to accomplish all this, we are proud to welcome the newest two
> team members, Jonas Nordin, who designed a full-featured class parser and -viewer,
> and Pascal Krahmer, who joined the team to implement an
> integrated dialog editor. Other work was done in various parts of the IDE,
> such as a new grep-dialog allowing expression search through all
> project files or even the whole system; extended configuration utilities;
> reviewed and extended documentation as well as a new project generator.
> Just download it and enjoy. :-)
> The KDevelop Team
> KDevelop Homepage:

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