Installation problems...

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Thu Jul 8 06:10:34 UTC 1999

"Neil Cowburn (linux)" wrote:
> I'm trying to install KDevelop under Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 and I've attached  a
> file with all the errors I get when I run make. Running ./configure works fine,
> it's just running make which is causing some hassle.
> Any help will be appreciated :o)
> Cheers
> Neil
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                     Name: errors.txt
>    errors.txt       Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
>                 Encoding: base64
>              Description: KDevelop errors
As it seems you have gotten KWrite to compile, which IMHO means that the
missing inlcudes result in a KDE 1.0 installation. Required is KDE

should work if you update KDE; best get all sources from the KDE site
and compile them your own.


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