Kdevelop on solaris

James McCusker cuskerj at verdi.iisd.sra.com
Fri Jul 2 14:51:37 UTC 1999

Great program guys. I'm complining it as we speak. I have had some
difficulties getting it to compile on solaris, but I think I found the
problem. For some reason, the classparser makefiles default to lex
instead of flex, and wacky errors ensue. I don't know how you've set up
the autoconf stuff, so I just edited my makefile in that directory to
add LEX=/usr/local/bin/flex. I imagine that you will want to generalize
that a bit for the actual release. But lex does not like the options you
give, so you have to use flex. I think that it objects to the +. Oh

Again, thanks for the resource.

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